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April 2021
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Archive for 'New products and services in Japan'

Company in Japan develops machine than can precisely cut any material or object

A small company in Tokyo has developed a precision diamond wire cutting machine that has received a lot of attention in Japan.
There’s almost nothing that can’t be cut with Ryowa’s cutting machine. Glass, metals, rubber, wood, plastics and ceramics are just a few of the types of natural and composite materials that can be precisely cut, safely. [...]

New camera equipped underwater robot is developed in Japan - Part 2

Part one can be found in the previous post.
Here is a Youtube video of the Delta 100R.
English Translation
In December 2001 in the ocean off the coast of south-western Kyushu, a Japan Coast Guard patrol boat and a North Korean spy boat exchanged fire. The result of the incident was that the spy boat was blown [...]

New camera equipped underwater robot is developed in Japan - Part 1

A small company in Yokohama has developed some remarkable underwater camera technology and is making big waves in Japan.
Q. I.’s cameras are being used now at depths of 6500 meters. The company plans to build a camera that can withstand the pressures of the deepest ocean.
The Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology’s manned [...]

Seiko introduces a mega volume alarm clock

Seiko has introduced a new alarm clock for those people who have a hard time waking up in the morning. The Raiden keeps perfect time and it will jolt you awake with its 100 decibel alarm, which is as loud as a chainsaw.
This article appeared in the 1/20 -2/3 edition of Dime magazine.
Real Japanese
大音量アラームが特色な目覚まし時計、セイコークロック「ライデン」に期待の新モデルが登場した。注目のアラムには、超強力な約100デシベル (電車が通過する際のガード下騒音に匹敵) の電子音アラームを搭載。アラーム音は6パターンから選ぶことができ、音量は本体右側のツマミで無段階で調整することもできる。また標準電波を受信して、正確な時刻を自動修正表示する電波時計である点もポイント。「せっかく起きたのに時計が遅れていた。。。。。」といった悲劇も未然に防げる。
English Translation
A [...]

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