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April 2021
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The race for rare metals is on - A view from Japan

Demand for rare earth metals is expected to accelerate due to growing use of next generation green technologies. High performance batteries, wind power generators and many other high-tech devices use rare earth metals. Japan is the leader in a number of green technologies.
China monopolizes the supply chain for rare earth. There has been growing concern [...]

Company in Japan develops machine than can precisely cut any material or object

A small company in Tokyo has developed a precision diamond wire cutting machine that has received a lot of attention in Japan.
There’s almost nothing that can’t be cut with Ryowa’s cutting machine. Glass, metals, rubber, wood, plastics and ceramics are just a few of the types of natural and composite materials that can be precisely cut, safely. [...]

With the help of Japan, stratospheric platform airships may lift off in Uzbekistan

Over the last few years both government and industry in Japan have been looking into the commercial viability of developing stratospheric platform stations. A stratospheric platform station is a large unmanned airship placed 20 km above the surface of the earth acting as a relay station for wireless communication. While still just a concept, such [...]

Problems in Overseas Construction Loom Large for Japanese Construction Cartels Part-2

Part one can be found in the previous post.
English Translation
The main reason for the losses in overseas projects was that Japanese contractors were overly complacent in their management of risk.
“Even though there are payment clauses written in contracts, Arabs will obfuscate matters by saying such things as ‘Inshallah’ or ‘If Allah wills it.’ When discussions over [...]

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